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Aesthetic Dermatology
  Chemical peel for acne treatment and skin care
  Ultrasound Treatment (Whitening and tightening)
  Power Peel
  Botolinum Toxin Treatment
  a. Wrinkle Reduction
  b. Reshape of Jaw Line
  c. Reduction of Upper Arm
  d. Reduction of Calves
  e. Hyperhydrosis
  f. Face Lifting
  Dermal Fillers, (Hyaluronic acid)
  a. Wrinkles. e.g. crow’s feet, nasolabial line
  b. Nasal bridge enhancement
  c. Scar, facial enhancement
  Intense Pulse Light ( I.P.L.)
  a. Pigment Lesions: Freckles, Solar Lenitgo, Whitening
  b. Vascular Lesions: Port Wine Stain, Telangectasia, Acne Rosacea and others
  c. Facial Treatment: Whitening, Blood Vessel Reduction, Induction of Collagen and others
  Intense Pulse Light ( I.P.L.) for hair removal
  Laser Treatment
  a. Pigment Lesions: Freckles, Solar Lenitgo, Seborrecic Keratosis, Melasma,
      Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and others
  b. Vascular Lesion: Port Wine Stain, Telangectasia and others
  c. Hair Removal
  d. Non-ablative Skin Treatment
  e. Treatment of Hypertrophic Scar, Pigment Scar, Acne Scar
  Fractional Laser Resurfacing for Scar and Pigmentation
  Radiofrequency for Face and Eye Lift
  a. R.F. Lifting of Upper Eyelid
  b. R.F. Tightening of Lower Eye Lid and Eye Bag
  c. R.F. Face Lifting and Tightening
  d. R.F. Tightening of Upper Arm
  e. R.F. Tightening of Abdomen
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